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Polycarbonate sheets have been proven to be superior to other plastic materials used in similar applications in almost every area of comparison. Furthermore, with various categories in polycarbonate available, it is polycarbonate multiwall sheets that are the finest ones as they perform the most effectively for long years with low maintenance and provide excellent value for money. Made from extruded sheets, there are no thickness variations seen in these sheets, unlike other plastics. Let us compare polycarbonate and plastics in a few areas of functionality to see which one proves better.

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There are heaps of reasons why mortgage holders and handymen alike utilize plastic pipes in their pipes ventures. Plastic funnels are economical, lightweight and will never erode. ABS, UPVC pipes and PVC are both quite common in the pipe system industry. Their versatile and durable qualities make them an easy and cost-effective choice of material. At first glance, the obvious difference between these two composites is the color. ABS pipes are typically black, while PVC is usually white or cream-colored. Aside from this, it’s hard to recognize any other distinctions between the two plastics.

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Plastics are made up of polymers, but some polymers like biopolymers are not plastics. Plastic materials are being used in day to day life like computers, pen, mobile phones, compact discs, pendrive, and toothbrushes etc.
Plastic is defined as any synthetic or semi-synthetic organic material that can be shaped or molded into any form. Chemical composition of plastics includes chains of carbon, oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen.

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Different types of pipes and cisterns are an integral part of any construction structures ranging from buildings, sewers, storages to drainage systems. The types of pipes used in a facade are determined by their industrial applications. They are made of different materials such as stainless steel, plastic, fiber and PVC etc. to withstand different service conditions as per their range of applications. 

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Gaskets are not given the importance which they deserve because of the fact that they are not very much costly. Normally they are overlooked, but capture attention only when problem arises and at that time you need to deal with heavy maintenance costs and this appears as a great issue in the long run. The main function of gasket is to deliver robust seal. Gasket is all about dealing with the imperfections that arise between surfaces that mate. External factors are used for the purpose of compressing gasket into the irregularities that are present between surfaces that meet.

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One of the key properties that should be expected from any window or door is the ability to keep the heat in a building and the cold and wet weather outside. Flexible glazing seals are used in window and door frames to ensure that the outside weather is keep exactly that, outside. However, over time, glazing seals can become weathered and will eventually fail, needing to be replaced altogether, or at least repaired.

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