Polymer PTFE Film Sheet White 0.03mm

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Polymer PTFE Film Sheet White 0.03mm

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PTFE Film features:Unaffected by almost all chemical;Continuous use at high temperatures;Slippery non-stick surface;Outstanding dielectric properties;Outstanding chemical resistance;Superb electrical insulating properties;A wide working temperature range from -180 °C + 260°C......


  • Material: PTFE
  • Thickness:0.03mm
  • Long:8600mm / roll
  • Width:1000mm
  • Color:White
  • Price:21.6 ~ 24.6 USD per KG

- Wide operating temperature range: -200-260℃.
- High Corrosion resistance, for most chemicals and solvents, showing an inert,resistant to acid and alkali, water and various organic solvents.
- Outstanding flame retardancy, Safe and reliable.
- Ideal mechanical properties include anti-aging properties especially for bending and wobble applications.
- High weather-resistant, high-lubricating, non-sticking, non-toxic.

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