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PTFE Lined Fittings / Pipe

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PTFE-lined Pipe & Fittings for transferring chemicals, strong acids, corrosives or other hazardous materials at high temperatures. A plastic-lined steel piping chemical transfer system combines the strength of steel pipe with the corrosion/chemical resistance and long life of PTFE to provide optimum operation in demanding environments up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, fabricated within hours to your specification.

PTFE lined pipe and fittings are resistant to corrosion, full vacuum and high pressure during corrosive liquid handling.

Lined pipes and fittings are commonly used for highly corrosive fluid handling at high temperatures.

Pipes and fittings are lined with PTFE using the most adapted process according to the shape and dimension of the products.
⇒ PTFE Paste Extrusion for spools, 
⇒ PTFE Isostatic Molding for large Tees & Elbows, and finally 
⇒ PFA Injection Molding for smaller pieces, each process is chosen to ensure the highest quality of each single item.

All ranges are proposed in both virgin or antistatic material.


  • Temperature from –50 to 230°C
  • Full vacuum and/or high pressure service
  • Diameter from DN 15 (1/2’’) to DN 600 (24’’) and larger on demand
  • Antistatic quality up to DN 400 (16’’)
  • Food quality

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