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Seals have a crucial impact on system performance. Life and reliability of what is often considered a simple component can make all the difference to your products and operations.

Plastic Seal Machine

Efficiently producing: 300pieces/h(large size);More energy saving: the total power only 5KW;More friendly to environment: no PTFE powder splashing but powder output automatically;More precise: producing gaskets by controlling the power quantity;More time saving : the power cut off automatically while the production number set up;Longer working life : no heat while working.

Automotive seals

SunKoo is a leading manufacturer of seals for the transportation industry and offers a wide spectrum of advanced sealing solutions for cars, light vehicles, trucks, buses, motor cycles and bicycles.As a specialist in both bearings and seals, SunKoo is able to combine these products and their functions in high-performance units, providing a unique advantage.We supply seals to OEM’s globally from our manufacturing sites throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our sales teams are available to support customers locally.

Industrial seals

Being the world’s only bearing company with seal manufacturing capabilities, SunKoo supplies a wide range of sealing solutions for rotating, reciprocating and static applications to industries worldwide. Innovative sealing solutions help customers to increase productivity and process reliability as well as to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Based on extensive knowledge and experience in material technology, design and manufacturing processes, SunKoo offers standard seals and custom engineered sealing solutions in a broad range of elastomers, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

Materials Seals

One of the most critical elements in sealing technology is the selection of suitable materials to address challenging tasks. Seals must resist increasingly high temperatures, forces and pressures.

Other Seals

SunKoo also offers other products and services to complement the seals business, supporting customers with integrated solutions.

Sunkoo has dedicated locations for advanced engineered turned, milled and moulded plastic parts, which are made of high performance plastic materials. The portfolio also includes gaskets and products manufactured using water-jet cutting technology.

Plastic Seal