Natural White 2" PTFE Rod

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2" PTFE Rod

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PTFE Rod Features:Usage temperature range is very broad (Celsius from - 200 degrees to +260 degrees); Anti-majority chemical substance's corrosiveness, except some fluorides and alkalinity moltenmetal;Excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance;Excellent flame resistance,in the air to be regulated as a flame retardant material;Very low water absorption......

  • * Material: PTFE Teflon
  • * Shape: Rod
  • * Diameter: 2" or Custom
  • * Length: Custom
  • * Finish: Smooth

Polymer PTFE fluoroplastic family offers high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation. PTFE's mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics, but its properties remain at a useful level over a wide temperature range of -100°F to +400°F (-73°C to 204°C). Mechanical properties are often enhanced by adding fillers. It has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and a low coefficient of friction. PTFE is very dense and cannot be melt processed.


Name Diameter Length
PTFE Molded rod 6~500mm 100~500mm
PTFE Extruded rod 3~500mm 1000~5000mm
Material Grade 1, Import Grade (Basell, Dupont, Daikin, Exxon, etc) 2, Virgin Grade (Pure China material) 3, Filled Grade (Filled with graphite, carbon, glass fiber, bronze powder,etc) 4, Semi-recycled Grade (Customized percentage) 5, Full-recycled Grade (Total recycled material, low performance)

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