PTFE Rod Dia 50mm (1.96'')

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PTFE Rod Dia 50mm (1.96'')

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Usage temperature range is very broad (Celsius from - 200 degrees to +260 degrees); Anti-majority chemical substance's corrosiveness, except some fluorides and alkalinity moltenmetal;Excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance;Excellent flame resistance(Conforms to ASTM-D635 and D470 test step),in the air to be regulated as a flame retardant material;Very low water absorption......

PTFE rod is generally used as machining stock for all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE to meet application requirements. 


  1. OD 50mm
  2. material:100% PTFE virgin moulded rod
  3. quality: white,smooth,no air hole
  4. Special gravity : 2.10 ~ 2.30
  5. Tensile strength: 20.0 MPa
  6. Ultimate elongation: 150%
  7. aging resistance
  8. radiation resistance
  9. low permeability
  10. high press resistance
  11. anti-corrosion,anti-volatilization
  12. lubricative

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  • It is used as electric insulation parts under various frequencies, sealing gasket in various corrosive medium, and also used as mechanical lubricating materials.

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