PTFE Sheet Film Thickness 0.2mm

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PTFE Sheet Film Thickness 0.2mm

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PTFE sheet film features:Unaffected by almost all chemical;Continuous use at high temperatures;Slippery non-stick surface;Outstanding dielectric properties;Outstanding chemical resistance;Superb electrical insulating properties;A wide working temperature range from -180 °C + 260°C......

PTFE/Teflon Film Sheet is manufactured by suspend PTFE resin after molding. It has the best ability to anti chemistry corrosion, and non-aging, and can be used under -180C ~ +260C without load, and it has the lowest fiction coefficients in known solid materials.


  • Product Name:    PTFE Sheet
  • Main Color:    Transparent
  • Material:    PTFE
  • Thickness:    0.2mm or custom


  • 1.Widely used in light industry, war industry, spaceflight, oilfield, etc.
  • 2.PTFE material has the acid alkali resistance, resistance to the characteristics of various kinds of organic solvents,almost insoluble in all solvents.
  • 3.Used for capacitors, as wire insulation, electrical instrumentation insulation, sealing gasket.


  • High temperature - Use working temperature of 250 ℃.
  • Low temperature - with good mechanical toughness; even if the temperature drops to -196 ℃, but also to maintain a 5%elongation.
  • Corrosion - for most chemicals and solvents, showing an inert, resistant to acid and alkali, water and various organicsolvents.
  • Weatherability - the best plastic aging life.
  • High lubrication - is a solid material in the lowest coefficient of friction.
  • Not adhere to - is a solid material in the minimum surface tension, does not adhere to any substance.
  • Non-toxic - with physical inertia, as a long-term implantation of artificial blood vessels and organs of the body withoutadverse reaction.
  • Electrical insulating properties - can withstand 1500 volts high voltage 

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