Extruder Automatic Machine polymer PTFE Rod Ram PFB150 Dia 80mm-150mm

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PTFE Plastic Rod Extruder 103

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PFB150 Rod Extruder Features:Save time and money;Intelligent and easy-to-use;Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design;Min - Max Dia:80-150mm;Production Per Hour:Extrusion at 9-18kg/h;Automatic;

POLYMER PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Automatic Machine

PFB150 Rod Extruder Features:

ü  Save time and money.

ü  PLC design and easy to operate.

ü  Long time span. No heating effect during operation.

ü  With latest technology and optimized design.

ü  Min - Max Dia:80-150mm.

ü  Production Per Hour:  9-18kg/h.

ü  Automatic operation.




Product Description:

Sunkoo PFB150 Rod Extruder(ploymer PTFE Rod extrusion) is designed using latest technology, fully reliable and easy to operate for customers. Performance in terms of production and working hour capacity is competitive to other machines. Low maintenance is required , giving high production in market.


RAM Extruder For PTFE Rod(Φ80-150mm) application:

1.Horizontal Ram Extruder for PTFE rod

2.Ram extruding machine for PTFE rod

3.Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material.

4.Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material.


PFB150 Rod Extruder Features Include:

1. Save time and money, good advantage price offer to customers.

2. Intelligent and easy-to-use operations.

3. Small workplace required due to its compact design and electricity saving machine.

4. Super quality output and the physical properties is adjustable.

5. Precise temperature control, reaches + -1 degree.

6. Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design.


The Extrusion Process of PFB150 Rod Extruder:

Ram extrusion is a process enabling the continuous production and processing of  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). The basic material is PTFE powder. The powder is fed into a cylindrical extrusion pipe, compressed by means of a ram and at the same time, transported through the pipe, which is heated up to sintering temperature. 

Teflon PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Automatic Machine

Technical Data:

Model No. PFB-150
Screw Single-Plunger
Control System Computerize automatic controlled
Electricity Consumption 2.5kw/h
Tolerance OD(mm) 0.1-0.5
Tolerance TH(mm) +0.1
Length Unlimited
Min - Max Dia 80-150mm
Heating 4 -6 zones
Plastic Extruder PTFE Rod
Compressive force 100-600kN
PTFE PTFE or Recycle PTFE material.
Floor area of the Machine 1.6 M2
Production Per Hour Extrusion at 9-18kg/h
Voltage/PH/Hz AC380V 50Hz 3 Phase
High of the Machine (mm) 2580mm
Weight 1320 kg


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