Belgian customers order six PTFE Sintering Furnace from us

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After careful consideration by many parties, the customer finally selected our products.

After the customer visited the factory, they fully affirmed the strength of our company. The customer recognized the quality and service of our equipment, and finally chose to order 6 sintering.furnaces in our company. Our company can produce all kinds of ovens and sintering.furnaces such as: high temperature sintering.furnaces, PTFE oven, natural gas sintering.furnaces, vacuum sintering.furnaces, stainless steel oven, PTFE rotary sintering.furnaces, trailer type sintering.furnaces, etc. Our sintering.furnaces has double safety system, program control, It can automatically heat and cool down, can set 56 section temperature, has time control and ultra-high temperature double safety protection, good insulation performance, uniform furnace temperature, can set sintering curve, timing value and temperature value. The working temperature error in the furnace is ±1 °C, and there is no error within 1000 hours of operation. The inside of the hearth and the turntable made of stainless steel will not rust.