Q&A for PFG150 and PFG300 pipe machines

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Q&A for PFG150 and PFG300 pipe machines

· Which is the maximum extrusion capacity in sintered liner in meter per hour?

A: Can change pressure time, each extrusion length and temperature to adjust the speed depend on size and wall thickness. about 1500 to 2500mm per hour.

· Which is the maximum vertical dimension of the machine including the 7m of finished liner before cutting off?
A: Machine net high is 2750mm. Consider about 1000mm higher space for mold change over with small crane on top. Machine install in second floor. ground floor for extruded tube.

· Which is the maximum length of liner that can be extruded?
A: Continue extrusion, no limited for length. For quite bigger size too heavy, need protection. 

· Is a crane included for changing the tools?
A: Manual or electric crane if okay. 1000kgs to 2000kgs capacity only for mold change over on center top of machine.

· Which is the protection of the tools in touch with PTFE against corrosion?
A: Mold steel material and phosphorous-nickel alloys plating. We have customer use mold 8 years and still use it.

· Which is the capacity of the feeding tank?
A: About 3-4 kgs loading tank. Manual feeding type about 8-10 minutes feed powder one time. Auto feeding will be continue feeding.

· Machine global dimensions (altogether with feeding, compressing, sintering and cooling areas)

· Schematic drawings showing the different parts and characteristics of the machine
A:Extruder size: L:1300 *W 1300 *H 2700mm. Control Panel: L 1000*W600* H 1200. Hydraulic station: L 800*W600*H500

· Resin feeding area:

·  Rotating feed table characteristics                    

   A:By manual feeding. Optional auto feeding.

·  Does the feeding area have a cooling system? 

   A:Yes, with cooling system

·  Maximum feeding capacity                             

   A:Depends on speed of extruder.

·  Feeding system characteristics                          

   A:By manual feeding resin. It will take 8-10 minutes once full fill resin.

· Ram extruder

·  Force capacity

   A:60 tons

                         ·  Maximum extruding velocity

                            A:can be adjust

                         ·  Hydraulic system


                         ·  Hydraulic cylinder diameter and dimensions   

                            A:Have two system cylinder diameter 160mm and 150mm.

                         ·  The internal mandrel for the extrusion of tubes is fixed or moves together with the pressing mandrel?                                  

                             A:moves and can set up low long moving.

· Sintering system

                         ·  Number, type and characteristics of heating elements   

                            A:4-6 heats

                         ·  Sintering temperature for the different areas                  

                            A:Temperature are different. can be setting up. will sent instruction for each size once final installation.

                         ·  Is a cooling system included?                                         

                            A:Yes, in the mold

                         ·  Heat control characteristics and type (number of thermocouples, type of control, number of independent areas to be controlled… etc.)              

                            A:4-6 depends on tube size and wall thickness. K type.

· Electric equipment

                        ·  Type and characteristics of the electric engine used for the hydraulic system         

                           A:380V 3P 50Hz. Can be change to meet your require.


                        ·  Characteristics of the power consumption and electric system.                               

                           A:Only beginning with high consumption for start all heaters. Normal extrusion only about 4-6 kw consumption.

· Machine control system

· Tools for the extrusion of tubes.

·  Dimensions and drawings

·  Characteristics

·  Tolerances

                            A:tools no drawing. by 45# steel and mold steel. final tube will be exactly meet the size less than +/-5%