Polymer PTFE Lined Tube / Pipe / Hose,Green

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Polymer PTFE Lined Tube / Pipe / Hose,Green

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PTFE Tube by Extruded, Molded and Filled. Extruded ptfe tubing OD from 1mm to 300mm. Molded ptfe tubing from 20mm to 600mm.Filled ptfe( Filled graphite, Filled Fiber glass, Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ), Size OD from 20mm to 600mm.

Polymer PTFE Lined Tube high viscosity in the gel state (it does not truly melt) prevents it from being processed conventionally in extruders or injection molding. PTFE tubing is therefore dry molded or extruded in hydraulic extruders with (paste extrusion) or without (ram extrusion) lubricants. Paste extrusion of PTFE yields flexible tubing. However, it occurs in a batch process and thus long continuous lengths are limited to the batch size, unlike the melt-processible fluoropolymers FEP, PFA and ETFE.

Polymer PTFE Lined Tube offers the ultimate in temperature and chemical resistance of any polymeric tubing, and is easily cut, fitted, machined, and routed. PTFE tubing is the logical choice for the most aggressive chemical systems, where high temperatures are the norm, or where chemical purity and inertness are essential.


1.Exceptional heat resistance;2.Chemically inert;3.Corrosion resistant;4.Self extinguishing;5.Nonwetting;6.Self lubricating;7.Excellent flex life;9.Indefinite shelf life;10.Excellent dielectric strength;11.Lowest coefficient of friction;12.Superior dielectric strength.

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