PTFE Tubing

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Each plastic part requires a specific manufacturing process which can be significantly different from one product to another. Injection molding is used to manufacture solid components while blow molding is used to make plastic products with hollow areas, such as bottles and containers

Injection stretch blow molding combines the injection molding and blow molding processes.The plastic is first molded into a solid preform, to create a threaded bottle neck. Once the preform cools it is fed into a stretch blow mold machine. The preform is then reheated using an infrared heater and blown into a plastic bottle with forced compressed air.

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13 Nov / 2017

Fittings Lined with PTFE

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PTFE-lined Pipe & Fittings for transferring chemicals, strong acids, corrosives or other hazardous materials at high temperatures. A plastic-lined steel piping chemical transfer system combines the strength of steel pipe with the corrosion/chemical resistance and long life of PTFE to provide optimum operation in demanding environments up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, fabricated within hours to your specification. 

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10 Nov / 2017

Plastic-lined Piping

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Metallic pipe is strong, easy to work with and inexpensive, but even mildly corrosive fluids can rapidly eat away at it, from the inside out, severely limiting it's lifespan. Nonmetallic piping, fiberglass and thermoplastics, does not have the physical strength of metallic piping, but has excellent chemical resistance. Plastic lined piping combines the best of both common piping systems into one.

Plastic lined piping systems provide the chemical resistance of plastics and the inherent strength of steel, or alloy metallic piping systems. This is excellent for handling acids, corrosives and hazardous materials. Plastic lined pipe can be fabricated with either a loose or locked in liner, however, a locked in liner reduces the effect of the difference in expansion coefficient between the metal and the liner.

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19 Sep / 2017

High Quality PTFE Tube

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PTFE tube offers a low friction coefficient that can allow higher flows and easier washdown, helping to eliminate process-contaminating residue. Low permeation can enable use in severe chemical and specialty gas service. Also features a high dielectric strength and is inert to most chemicals and solvents.Use this chemical-resistant tubing in industrial, chemical processing, general laboratory, automotive, aerospace, insulation and food service applications.

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03 Aug / 2017

PTFE Convoluted Tubing

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PTFE convoluted tubing is produced using a modified grade of standard PTFE offering the advantage of excellent flex-life performance compared to most other fluoropolymers together with greatly improved stress crack resistance.

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18 Jul / 2017

PTFE Sleeves/Tubing

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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)   The combination of chemical and physical properties of PTFE is a consequence of its true fluorocarbon structure.  This unusual structure leads to a material which has an almost universal chemical inertness; complete insolubility in all known solvents below 300°C; excellent thermal stability; and unsurpassed electrical properties, including low dielectric loss, low dielectric constant and high dielectric strength.  Furthermore, PTFE does not embrittle at very high or at very low temperatures.

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