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Molded PTFE tube

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PTFE Molded Tubes & PTFE Compression Molding We have gained expertise in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a quality range of PTFE Molded Tubes.

Mold press Tube for Virgin PTFE,Recycle PTFE, Bronze % mixed, Glass fiber mixed,Graphite, carbon fibrils ,polybenzoate,polybmenzoate , Polyimide mixed,etc.
Also we can design material mixed and percentage of each according to your application of molded tubes.
Filled PTFE bush is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized PTFE resin. Among all the existing plastics, Filled PTFE has the best corrosion-resistance and dielectricity. Lead insulating sleeve, corrosion-resistant PTFE bush, and corrosion-resistant insulating  PTFE Sleeves for different corrosive conditions, heat exchanger.

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Molded PTFE Tube


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