Welcome Letter for Dealers


On the behalf of Jiangsu Sunkoo Machines Tech Co., Ltd ,We would like to invite you as our potential distributer in your region. As Sunkoo has a rich experience of more than 12 years in manufacturing of PTFE & UHMWPE machines. We establish a good relationship among our dealers and valued them. The details regarding the procedure, terms and condition to become our potential dealer will be share upon request.


For your further concern, here mention below is our main Exported Machines:

Sr. No

Machine Type

Technical Details/ Specifications


PTFE Rod Extruder

OD 3mm-150mm, 150mm-500mm by Ram Extrusion method with OD Tolerance: ±0.02mm. Continue extrusion with unlimited length.


PTFE Tube Extruder

OD 20mm-500mm continues extrusion. Thickness of wall tolerance: ±0.02mm.Wall thickness 3-15mm, Continue extrusion with unlimited length.


PTFE Semi-Automatic press molding machine

OD up to 1000mm. Height depends on required for molded tube and rod.


PTFE Full Automatic press molding machine

OD up to 100mm with 100mm height with 300 pieces per hour capacity for tube and rod.


 PTFE Gasket Machine

5mm-50mm, thickness 2mm-7mm. 1500 pieces per hour capacity


We would also like to invite our dealers to visit our website to better understand our Machines.


We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to join forces with our Distributors. Our commitment to our distributors continues to lie in the offering of excellent service and competitive prices for our products & services. We look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership with your company long into the future and again, we welcome you as one of our valued distributors

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. An opportunity to further converse with you about our new strategic alliance would be well received.                                                                                          

Yours very truly.



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