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  • PTFE White Pipe Tape Polymer Plumbers Sealing Tape 18*0.1mm

    PTFE White Pipe Tape Polymer Plumbers Sealing Tape 18*0.1mm

    Features:Brand new and high quality;Non-toxic and non-flammable;Easy to use and have good tightness;Good adhesion and corrosion resistance;Mainly used as thread sealer of pipe, pipelines.
  • PTFE Gasket, Ring, Seal, 3/4 In

    PTFE Gasket, Ring, Seal, 3/4 In

    Our PTFE Products. Radial shaft seals with one or more PTFE sealing lip(s) are designed to withstand aggressive environments, high temperatures, high pressures and dry running that traditional radial shaft seals made of elastomeric sealing lip materials cannot withstand.
  • PTFE O-Ring, 0.1In – 0.21 In

    PTFE O-Ring, 0.1In – 0.21 In

    MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high molecular weight polymer, one of the most versatile plastic materials known and useful for a large range of products for applications excluded to other materials.
  • PTFE Polymer Parts

    PTFE Polymer Parts

    Product description: PTFE Polymer has the lowest coefficient of friction and long-term working temperature can reach 260℃. It has the excellent chemical corrosion-resistance and electric insulating property.
  • PTFE Lined Pipe Gasket

    PTFE Lined Pipe Gasket

    PTFE lined pipe gaskets are the ideal solution for applications demanding virtually 100% chemical resistance and where the mechanical properties of a compressed gasket material are also needed. They perform well in the food and process industries where contamination of the medium cannot be permitted, Suitable for medium strong alkalis, cryogenic fluids, oxygen, chlorine gas etc.
  • PTFE Rod/Bar

    PTFE Rod/Bar

    PTFE Rod Features:Usage temperature range is very broad (Celsius from - 200 degrees to +260 degrees); Anti-majority chemical substance's corrosiveness, except some fluorides and alkalinity moltenmetal;Excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance;Excellent flame resistance(Conforms to ASTM-D635 and D470 test step),in the air to be regulated as a flame retardant material;Very low water absorption......
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