Teflon ultra-high temperature cable PTFE wire extruder production line machine

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Teflon ultra-high temperature cable PTFE wire extruder production line machine

The PTFE wire and cable can use for high temperature environment.

The below industry will use our PTFE tube and cable extrusion machine.

-The Chemical plant

-The Car manufacture

– Insulation materials plant

-Electrical material plant

-Tube manufacture plant

-high temperature wire and cable plant

  • FOB Price : US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity : 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability : 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Machine model Pay-off line type Pay-off bobbinsize Screw diameter Main unit power Wire spec. Cooling device Accumulator capacity Capstan power Wire speed Take-up line type Receving reel Take-up line power
    ZY-STJ-35 Double axes PN400-630 ∅35 4KW ∅0.8-2.0 Single layer 30 1.5KW 20m Axis packing PN400-630 1.5KW
    ZY-STJ-45 PN400-630 ∅45 4KW ∅1.5-3.0 1.5KW 20m PN400-630 1.5KW
    ZY-STJ-60 PN630-800 ∅60 4KW ∅2.5-5.0 2.2KW 15m PN500-630  2.2KW
    ZY-STJ-80 PN400-630 ∅80 5.5KW ∅4.0-6 2.2KW 12m PN500-800  3.7KW
    ZY-STJ-90 PN630-800 ∅90 5.5KW ∅5.0-8 3.7KW 8m PN630-1000  5.5KW
    ZY-STJ-100 PN400-630 ∅100 7.5KW ∅8.0-12 5.5KW 8m PN800-1250  5.5KW
    ZY-STJ-120 PN400-630 ∅120 7.5KW ∅10-18 5.5KW 5m PN800-1250  5.5KW


    Teflon high temperature wire extruder production line machine consists of several main components:

    Pay-off frame: used to place the reel or reel of Teflon material so that the material can be introduced into the extrusion host.

    Extrusion host: the main equipment, which heats and melts the Teflon material through heating and screw extrusion, and extrudes the molten material into a cable with the required shape and size.

    Pulling machine: used to pull the extruded Teflon cable to keep it at a stable speed and tension, and to help cool it down.

    Wire Storage Rack: Used to collect and reel extruded Teflon cables.

    Spark testing machine: used to detect whether there are defects or damage on the surface of the extruded cable.

    Meter Counter: Used to measure and record the length of extruded Teflon cables.

    Coiling machine: used to wind the extruded Teflon cable into a drum or coil for subsequent use.

    Electric control box: an electrical control system that controls the work of each component, and is used to adjust parameters such as extrusion speed and temperature.

    These components work together to enable the extrusion line to efficiently and stably produce high-quality Teflon high-temperature cables.

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