PTFE Microporous Membrane Production Line

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PTFE Microporous Membrane Production Line

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The porous PTFE hollow fiber membrane is prepared by extrusion-stretching method, and the preparation process includes compounding, extrusion spinning, uniaxial stretching and sintering. The fully mixed polytetrafluoroethylene material is pre-pressed on a compacting machine to form a cylindrical blank. The preformed blank is extruded and spun at 40-100°C. After degreasing and heat-setting, a polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membrane was obtained. The degreasing temperature is 200-340℃, the heat setting temperature is 330-400℃, and the heat setting time is 45-500s. The microscopic morphology is an approximately circular (elliptical or circular) pore structure.

详情 (2)

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