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  • Black PTFE Tube/Pipe/Hose OD 6mm ID 4mm

    Black PTFE Tube/Pipe/Hose OD 6mm ID 4mm

    Material: PFTE OD: 6mmID  : 4mmColor: Black Details: PTFE tubing’s high viscosity in the gel state (it does not truly melt) prevents it from being processed conventionally in extruders or injection molding. PTFE tubing is therefore dry molded or extruded in hydraulic extruders with (paste extrusion) or without (ram extrusion) lubricants. Paste extrusion of PTFE yields flexible tubing. However, it occurs in a batch process and thus long continuous lengths are limited to the batch size, ...
  • PTFE Corrugated Tube & Hose

    PTFE Corrugated Tube & Hose

    The flexible PTFE convoluted tube & hose temperature is from -196 to 700 deg.C, pressure can be 0.6~10Mpa, the material of the flexible metal bellow is made of SS304,SS321,SS316 or SS316L as your requirement, we produce stainless steel metal bellow in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 GB/T14525-2010 standard. Pipe Diameter DN1/2-32inch Pipe Material SS304,316L,etc Pipe thickness 0.18-2.0mm Braided mesh material SS304 etc Braided mesh layer single layer or double layers Max. w...
  • PTFE Spaghetti Tubing –  .082 OD x .066 ID

    PTFE Spaghetti Tubing – .082 OD x .066 ID

    PTFE Spagetti Tubing, .082 OD x .066 ID;Long:Custom. Manufactured by Sukoptfe;Coiled.  Natural Tint.  Wall Thickness Tolerance:  +/- .003″ Lowest coefficient of friction;Broad working temperature range (500°F/260°C – -454°F/-270°C);Chemically resistant – all common solvents, acids, and bases;Low extractables;Excellent dielectric strength;Precision extruded tolerances;Flame resistant (UL 94 VO);Limiting oxygen index (>95);Easy to clean;Mechanical resistance under ...
  • PTFE Tubing Hose OD 6mm ID 4mm,White

    PTFE Tubing Hose OD 6mm ID 4mm,White

    PFTE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  is a self-lubricating that offers the lowest coeffecient of friction of any material. It also has astonishing chemical resistance along with a service operating temperature of 500F. Description: 1.Good resistance to high temperature and low temperature.  2.Excellent resistant to aqua regia and all kinds of organic solvents.  3.High lubricating ability and non-stick.  4.Excellent electric property and long life performance. 5.Widely applied...
  • PTFE Hose for Oil

    PTFE Hose for Oil

    * Type: PTFE Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Hose. * Pressure Rating:1000 Working PSI / 5000 Burst PSI * Temperature Rating:-100F to 500F  (-73°C to + 260°C) under most operating conditions. * Application: fuel, lube, alcohol, ethanol, coolant and air for automobiles or marine engines, most suitable for racing cars & motor racing bikes. PTFE Hose provides you with unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. This hose is ideal for high temp...
  • PTFE Polymer Lined Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

    PTFE Polymer Lined Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

    ​ Temperature Range: -65F to +450F   Hose ID (inch)   Hose OD (inch)   Working Pressure (Psi)   Burst Pressure (Psi)   Vacuum Rating (inch/Hg)   Min. Bend Radius (inch)   Wt. Per Ft. (Lbs) 0.125 0.250 3500 14000 29.9 1.50 0.051 0.250 0.370 3000 12000 29.9 3.00 0.084 0.375 0.510 2000 8000 29.9 5.00 0.108 0.500 0.630 1750 7000 29.9 6.50 0.159 0.625 0.760 1500 ...
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