Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Hose Industrial Applications

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Fluoropolymer hoses are widely used in chemical processing, chemical transfer, chemical filling, and compressed gas transfer/filling applications. Hoses are lined with PTFE, FEP or PFA and can be reinforced with a range of materials such as rubber ...

All of the Fluoropolymer hoses consist of an extruded PTFE core. PTFE has an excellent flex life,handles high temperatures and offers superior chemical and corrosion resistance. Additionally, PTFE can be extruded with a static dissipative innercore to prevent the attraction of dust and other particulate and reduce the build-up of static charges.
In the case of a PTFE hose, static electricity is caused when a nonconducting fluid flows at a high velocity through the PTFE natural core tube. When a static charge builds up in the tube of a PTFE hose, it will look for the path of least resistance to ground. If the tube is nonconductive,then the path of least resistance may be to pierce through the wall of the PTFE tube to the conductive Stainless Steel Braid and eventually to the metal fittings and back-to ground through the equipment to which the hose assembly is connected.
The purpose of a static dissipating tube on the inside of the hose is to provide an acceptable path of least resistance and allow the static build-up to dissipate through the core tube to the metal fittings and eventually to ground.


Fluoropolymer Hose Construction

Fluoropolymer hoses

1. Core
Contains Media
Materials: Natural or Static-Dissipative PTFE with a Smoothbore or Convoluted Core

2. Reinforcement
Provides Resistance to Internal Pressure
Materials: Stainless Steel

3. Jacket or Protective Sleeve
Protects Reinforcement
Materials: Silicone, Polyurethane



Fluoropolymer Hose Features

  • ƒ Excellent chemical compatibility
  • ƒ Handles extreme temperatures to +450°F
  • ƒ Environmentally safe
  • ƒ Low moisture permeability
  • ƒ Low friction minimizes pressure drops and deposits 


Fluoropolymer Hose Applications/Markets

  • ƒ Chemical transfer lines
  • ƒ General hydraulics
  • ƒ Compressed air/gases
  • ƒ Adhesive dispensing
  • ƒ Coolant Lines
  • ƒ Medical Gases 


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