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Comprehension of the physical descriptions presented in this chapter alone may prove to be sufficiently beneficial for many readers, and help them to improve their processes and products. An polymer extruder is used to melt a solid polymer and deliver the molten polymer for various forming or shaping processes. The screw is the only working component of the extruder. All other components (motor, gear-box, hopper, barrel and die, etc.) merely provide the necessary support for the screw to function properly. The overall functions of an extruder are depicted below.
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Introduction:In general, the accuracy of PTFE product is not easy to control because its coefficient of linear expansion is higher than that of metals, and its one of volume transition temperature is around room temperature causes volume changes approximately 1 to 2%. Moreover, thin-walled PTFE products are known to be difficult to machining because not only PTFE is flexible and elastic material, but also residual stress remains after molding sometimes deform due to frictional heat generated during the machining process or due to aging after machining. Such deformation could influence dimensional accuracy.

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PTFE is commonly used for hydraulic liner seals in just about every industry that uses them.  From guide rings to chevron sets, PTFE hydraulic linear seals have a reputation for durability and excellent tribological performance.  

In this blog post, we are going to discuss why PTFE is so popular for hydraulic linear seals.

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1.Making the TFE

2.Suspension Polymerization

3.Dispersion polymerization

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03 Jan / 2019

Extrusion of polymers

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Extrusion is a process of manufacturing long products of constant cross-section (rods, sheets, pipes, films, wire insulation coating) forcing soften polymer through a die with an opening.

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After careful consideration by many parties, the customer finally decide to order 6 sets of special PTFE ovens in our company. 

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