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PTFE Filter Film

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Performance:(1) Resist strong acid and weak alkali.(2) It's stable to thick abio-acid in low temperature,not dissolved in organic acid,but can be dissolved in thick vitriol and heated cresol.(3) It's easily hydrolyzed in strong alkali.(4) The temperature used within 120ºCand the instant temperature can be up to 150ºC.

PTFE filter films take advantage of the fibril-nod feature of PTFE and through push press, extension press, de-binding, high-temperature stretching and shape fixing so the products with smooth surface, chemical resistance, breathable windproof), flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, strong acid & alkali resistance and non-toxicity. 

Their aperture diameters, thickness and porosities can be adjusted in stretching according to different demands. The products can be applied on surfaces of all kinds of filtration materials after compound processing, and it can be reached 99.99% filtration effect, with high filtering speed, long using life, recycle working. 

It is mainly used in dust filtration for industrial boilers in many industries such as chemical industry, steel, melting, carbon black, power generation, cement and waste burning.

Technical Parameters:           

  • Thickness: 5-10um
  • Width: 1000mm-2600mm
  • Aperture diameter: 0.5-1um          
  • Air permeability:30-120L/m2.s (127pa pressure difference)
  • Porosity: 80-97%
  • emperature resistance: -150℃-300℃

Applications:Dust collector or liquid-solid separation. Mainly used in food and beverage industry,pharmaceutical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical plant, building section and mining industry,etc, for the equipment of filter presses, centrifuge filters, vacuum filters,belt filter presses, etc.

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