Extruder Machine Teflon PTFE Rod Ram PFB80 Dia 25mm-80mm

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PFB80 Rod Extruder Features:Save time and money;Intelligent and easy-to-use,;Automatic;Computerized;Rod Dia Range Min - Max Dia:20-80 mm;Production Per Hour in Kg:7-10+;Long- life, with modern technology and optimizeddesign.


Teflon PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine

Teflon PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine

PFB80 ram extruder for PTFE rod,Dia 25-80mm is advanced design, high precision, simple structure, convenient regulation.

PFB80 Rod Extruder Features Include:

1. Save time and money.

2. Intelligent and easy-to-use,

3. Small workplace foot extruder requiring less space and electricity.

4. Stable quality and the physical properties is adjustable.

5. Precise temperature control,reaches+ -1 degree.

6. Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design.

Teflon PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine

Technical Specification:

Type PTFE Horizontal Type Ram Extruder
Screw Single-Plunger
Rod Dia Range Min - Max Dia 20-80 mm
Automatic Automatic
Computerized Computerized
Plastic Processed Sintered PTFE Powder, UHMWPE, Polyethylene
Machine with PTFE Rod Mould Mould Depends on Required
Process Ram Extrucer M/c
Power KW (Main Motor+ heating) 24
Tolerance mm 0.5-2mm +
Length mm Unlimited
Production Per Hour in Kg 7-10+
Temperature zone 4-8
Compressive force [kN] 100 -500
Electricity Consumption Per hour 2.5
Weight of the Machine 960
High of the Machine mm 1560
Voltage/PH/Hz AC380V 50Hz 3 Phase
Floor area of the Machine M2 1.2

Teflon PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine

The Extrusion Process of PFB80 Rod Extruder:

Ram extrusion is a process enabling the continous manufacture of sections, especially of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene).The basic matrial is PTFE powder. The powder is fed into a cylindrical extrusion pipe , compressed by means of a ram and at the same time,transported through the pipe, which is heated up to sintering temperature.The individual dosing charges sinter together into a continous extrudate.

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