Filled Copper PTFE Tube

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Filled Copper PTFE Tube

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Filled Copper polymer PTFE Tube



  OD(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Paste Extruded Tube 0.5~25 0.1~2.5 According to customer’s request
Plug Extruded Tube 25~250 1.5~8 According to customer’s request
Molded Tube 25~2000 5~500 100~300


There are many specifications are in stock.The data is too much, it’s not convenient to list here.

And special specifications can be customized.

If you have any interest, please contact us. We will response to you as soon as possible.



ITEM Properties Unit
Apparent density 2.10-2.30 g/ cm3
Tensile Strength 25 Mpa
Elongation at break ≥150 %



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