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19 Nov / 2018


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The base material was made via fiberglass impregnation in PTFE and refined, coating with silicone adhesive and with excellent heat resistant and mechanical strength.
Good release and smooth
Good performance of high temperature keeping, stable size.
Small friction coefficient, good insulation.
Good corrosion resistance.

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After careful consideration by many parties, the customer finally selected our products.

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Indian customers repurchase a PTFE oven again

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UHMW-PE stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is the highest quality polyethylene (PE) available, engineered for tough jobs and a wide range of applications. 

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UHMWPE Rod Ram Extrusion Machine Dia 80mm-150mm  Features:

ü  Save time and money.

ü  PLC design and easy to operate.

ü  Long time span. No heating effect during operation.

ü  With latest technology and optimized design.

ü  Min - Max Dia:80-150mm.

ü  Production Per Hour:  9-18 kg/h.

ü  Automatic operation.

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Tensile structures have been used for millennia. When indigenous peoples required shelter that was lightweight and structurally sound, fabrics made from animal hides and easily transportable elements were the most viable solution. At the Roman Colosseum, a retractable Velarium provided shading for a more comfortable spectator experience. Now, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is offering new opportunities.

A relatively new product within the industry, ETFE is a fluorine-based plastic that remains strong across a wide range of temperatures and is highly resistive to corrosion. It was developed from polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PTFE)—also known as Teflon—a strong, lightweight, fire-retardant fabric membrane that was originally formulated for space exploration apparel, but later used for architectural applications and transparent envelopes.

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