Teflon Ultra-High Temperature Cable PTFE Wire Extruder Production Line Machine


Teflon Ultra-High Temperature Cable PTFE Wire Extruder Production Line Machine is a cable with high temperature resistance, which is often used for electrical connection in high temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgy, and chemical industry. In order to produce such high-quality Teflon high-temperature cables, a Teflon extrusion line is required.


Teflon extruder is a kind of equipment specially used to produce Teflon high temperature resistant wires, casings and other products. It has a precise electronic control system, and uses imported frequency converters to control technical parameters such as wire pay-off and extrusion speed. The technical parameters of the extruder include pay-off type, extrusion speed, screw length-to-diameter ratio, screw speed, extrusion volume, host power, lead-in power, take-up power, take-up device, electrical control, etc. Accurate control of these parameters ensures stability and reliability in the production process.

The Teflon extruder is mainly used for the extrusion of Teflon high-temperature resistant wires, sleeves and other thin-skinned insulation layers, the extrusion of the core wire of the local cable data cable, and the extrusion of the outer coating. Through the extrusion process of the extruder, the Teflon material is evenly extruded into an insulating layer, which ensures the high temperature resistance and good non-stickiness of the wire.

Teflon high temperature cables have several advantages. First of all, it has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, and anti-fungal properties, and can work in hot and humid environments and various oil environments. Secondly, Teflon cables have good flexibility, water resistance and pressure resistance, and can adapt to various complex working environments. In addition, Teflon high-temperature cables also have excellent electrical insulation properties and can maintain stable resistance over a wide temperature range and frequency range.

When producing Teflon high-temperature cables, the recommended bending radius requirements must be followed when laying. It is generally required that the armor shall not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the armor shall not be less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable. This ensures the integrity and longevity of the wire insulation.

In short, the Teflon high temperature cable extrusion production line is a set of advanced equipment system, which provides a guarantee for the production of high-quality Teflon high temperature cables. With the precise control technology of the extruder, the precise extrusion and molding of Teflon material can be realized, ensuring the high temperature durability and excellent electrical insulation performance of the cable. Through reasonable laying and protection, Teflon high-temperature cables can be widely used in various high-temperature environments to meet the wiring needs of different fields.




Post time: Sep-08-2023