PTFE Rod Extrusion Machine Export to Ukraine

First cooperation with STS Group LLC was quite smooth and everything went well. As one of leader of PTFE products manufacturer, it is really a good start for them to invest first PTFE Rod extruder machine line with 2 mould of 50mm and 35mm OD to understanding the process technology under our Engineer support. Once learned process technology will expand more extrusion line include PTFE tube ram extruder.

SUNKOO Machine Tech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of PTFE machinery in China with 15 years experiences. Compared with others, SUNKOO Machine Tech Co., Ltd has the following advantages:

  1. Extruded rod/Tube can be use directly no need furnace.2. Extrusion line continues extruder with unlimited length of Rod.
  2. We can supply sintered PTEF powder for extrusion directly with advantage price 100% brand new powder.4. Easy operation with stable high quality operation.5. Constant high quality of the products through permanent electrical measurement of the extrusion pressure and precise temperature regulation




Post time: Jun-24-2020