PTFE vs Rubber

PTFE is white by nature. So that is a redundant term. Other forms of polymer like FEP and PFA are more translucent; def not white.

PTFE is more chemical resistant than your average automotive elastomer like neoprene and EPDM. That is a “better.” Rubber will degrade well before a fluoropolymer is another way to say that.

PTFE vs Rubber

PTFE hoses also flow better as they have less surface friction. That is another “better.”

The reason the fittings are different is the hardness of the liner. Rubber takes very little to seal it against a hose nipple, whereas a hard polymer like PTFE requires much greater compressive forces to seal. Gonna be more expensive for those.

Another point from personal experience….. the standard rubber braided hose will seep gas vapors over time and you will have a GAS smell in your garage from the lines, pretty damn strong. The polymer stuff does not and keeps you garage smelling better.

PTFE hose liners are used extensively in aerospace applications. They perform well from -100F to +450F temperatures. We use it for steam and heat transfer oil applications. Mobile applications use it as air compressor discharge hose, because copper tubing is subject to vibration-induced embrittlement failures.

polymer hose installations will generally be heavier and more expensive than rubber lined hose assemblies

Post time: Nov-02-2017