Special applications of PTFE tubing

PTFE Teflon tubing has remarkable non-adhesive property, and colloid and chemicals will not be adhered to the inner wall of Teflon tubing, so no dirt layer will be formed inside the pipe. Teflon is a highly non-polar material with electrical insulation properties and great resistance. Its dielectric constant is about 2.0, smaller than all the other electrical insulation materials, and changes in temperature and frequency have basically no effect on Teflon tubing.

Excellent aging resistance, radiation resistance and thermal stability allow PTFE tubing to be used in outdoor for a long time. Teflon has perfect non-inflammability and a limiting oxygen index of over 95, so it can only melt on the flame, but generate no molten droplets, and it has to be carbonized finally. It has high flexibility and good resistance to bending. Moreover, it has great resistance to moisture, so Teflon surface coating is not stained with water and oil, and solution is hard to be stained during production operation. A small amount of dirt can be removed by simple wiping. PTFE tubing has short downtime, thus saving working hours and improving efficiency. Next SuKo explains three special applications of PTFE tubing to help you make better use of Teflon tubes.

1. Resistance to high temperature, corrosion and high pressure
A Teflon Steel Braided Hose is made of special high-grade PTFE hose, high temperature resistant braided mesh and advanced stainless steel double-buckle spiral hose, so it is suitable for special environment of high temperature, corrosion and high pressure.
The hose can withstand 250°C high temperature steam inside under 3kg/cm2 air pressure, while the skin temperature does not exceed 60°C to ensure operational safety. It can be used normally under 10kg/cm2 steam pressure.

2. Light weight and strong softness
The specially assembled hose with a total length of 2m (including both ends of the joint) weighs only 500g, and can greatly reduce the workload of the operator. Its high softness and flexible bending will not obstruct the ventilation.

3. High resistance to vandalism
Advanced technologies are adopted in stainless steel double buckle self-locking spiral hose protection, so PTFE Teflon tubing can withstand 180kg of tension and will not be damaged during normal use.

Post time: May-30-2022