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  • PTFE Sintering Furnace

    PTFE Sintering Furnace

    Product Description: PTFE Industrial Nitrogen Sintering Furnace.Capable of paperless recording and group-unrestricted programming. Its sintering records can last one year. The multiple sintering furnaces can be operated at the same time and the remote control is available. PTFE Sintering Furnace Features: Sunkoo sintering Furnace deliver tight temperature control and temperature uniformity throughout the heated chamber providing an efficient and consistent sintering process from cycle to cyc...
  • The v-100 PTFE Powder mixer

    The v-100 PTFE Powder mixer

    Equipment technical parameters: 1,Mixing barrel total volume of 100L, Material handling capacity: 40-50L 2, Equipment main motor power 1.5 kw. 3,Mixing time Digital setting 0-99 minutes, timing shutdown. 4,power supply: 380V/220V/50Hz. Part 1 : Equipment OverviewEquipment name: V-type mixerEquipment model:V-100Equipment number:one setEquipment usage: For the mixture of powder Basic requirements: 1,Each 40-50L material / batch mixing, and do not bring any impurities in the process of mixing...
  • Automatic PTFE Hydraulic Press Moulding Machine

    Automatic PTFE Hydraulic Press Moulding Machine

    1. Characteristics of PTFE Molding Machine Molding Machines are divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic molding machines. Through continuous improvement of the molding press technology, the equipment is more intelligent, more stable, and more efficient. The intelligent automatic type is controlled by PLC system, to set the pressure, range, speed, quantity, and dwell time, and the operation is simple. With diverse design, the equipment can meet the different needs of users, an...
  • Plastic PTFE Semi-automatic Molding Machine

    Plastic PTFE Semi-automatic Molding Machine

    Since PTFE will not flow above its melting point, it cannot be injection molded and requires special processing techniques. Molded PTFE is processed by first compression molding the powder into preforms, and then sintering the preforms in a process analogous to sintered metal processing. This process creates geometric shapes that can then be machined, fused, and/or welded. Product Description for Automatic Molding: Automatic molding, a semi-automated form of compression molding, is the proces...
  • Full-Automatic PTFE tape winding machine

    Full-Automatic PTFE tape winding machine

    Full-Automatic PTFE tape winding machine
  • PTFE Natural Gas Furnace

    PTFE Natural Gas Furnace

    Suko produces PTFE Sintering Oven suitable for PTFE products / components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Oven in different sizes as per client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Oven are good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability. SALIENT FEATURES ü  Internal air circulation for good temperature distribution ü  Excess temperature cut-off ü  Control equipment electrically interlocked ü  Heavy duty construction ü  Single owing type comprisi...